Bernie Sanders promised to work a miracle with the American energy industry by 2030

In order to bring the level of use of renewable sources to 100% over 10 years, $ 16.3 trillion will be needed.

 One of the participants in the 2020 presidential race, Bernie Sanders, unveiled a $ 16.3 trillion plan. whose goal is to solve the problem of climate change and bring the level of use of renewable sources for electricity and transport in the United States to 100% no later than 2030.
 The New Green Deal, presented by Sanders, implies direct «historical government investment of $ 16.3 trillion for these purposes» and, in fact, is directed against companies working with fossil fuels.

As President Sanders promises to launch a ten-year New Green Deal, the goal of which is to achieve 100% renewable energy use and total decarbonization by at least 2050. At the same time, Sanders promises to end unemployment by creating 20 million jobs needed for solutions to the climate crisis. «

“Republicans who oppose our #GreenNewDeal should explain why they don’t support creating 20 million jobs and preventing a climate catastrophe, but at the same time they will give billions of corporate income to fossil fuel companies,” Sanders wrote. .

In addition, the Democratic candidate pledged to declare climate change a national emergency.

At the same time, the declared plan, according to Sanders, should pay for itself in 15 years.

Among the possible ways to attract financing for such a large-scale project, Sanders proposed «to force the fossil fuel industry to pay for environmental pollution through litigation, fees and taxes, as well as abolish federal fossil fuel subsidies.»

“Bernie promises to go further than any other presidential candidate in history to put an end to the greed of the fossil fuel industry, including forcing the industry to pay for environmental pollution and prosecute it for the damage it caused,” the New Green says course. «

Sanders’ Green Deal could well provide him with extra points in the race. Earlier this year, Greenpeace praised Democratic candidates, noting that outgoing race Jay Insley deserves top marks and A ratings by proposing a $ 9 trillion climate change solution. Sanders ranked second in this ranking.
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