Denmark offered to buy the USA

According to The New Yorker, Copenhagen is interested in everything, with the exception of the United States government.

 Despite the fact that the issue of the sale of Greenland to the United States seems to have come to naught after Donald Trump postponed his official visit to Denmark.

 Many residents of the country and the media regarded it as an insult, the press independently continues to develop this topic.

So, The New Yorker published a version of Andy Borowitz — a comedian and a regular author of the publication. And the «real estate expert» Donald Trump is presented in it is not in the best light.

“As we have said, Greenland is not for sale,” writes The New Yorker, allegedly referring to a representative of the Danish government. “We noted, however, that during the Trump regime, almost everything in the United States, including the government, is definitely for sale. Denmark would be interested in the purchase of the United States in full, with the exception of the government. «

The author adds that as part of a possible deal, Donald Trump will be asked to leave the country. Possible directions are Russia and North Korea. «If Denmark’s application for the United States is accepted, the Scandinavian nation will have ambitious plans for its new acquisition,» the newspaper writes. .

As Vesti. Economics previously wrote, in reality Denmark responded with a categorical rejection of the initiative to sell Greenland. The news that Donald Trump is considering such a “deal” outraged both the inhabitants of the island and the Danes, and the subsequent transfer by the US president of his visit to Denmark only added fuel to the fire. At the same time, Trump himself does not see anything offensive in his idea, calling it a «big deal with real estate», and, according to WP, payments would amount to $ 600 million per year «forever.»

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