Tusk promised to mirror the American duties on French wine

They will answer for the wine! The head of the European Council, Donald Tusk, has promised to respond to the approval of additional tariffs by the United States for French goods, and in particular for wine, in response to the introduction by the European Union of a tax on the activities of digital companies by the European Union.

«I will strongly defend French wine for many reasons. If the US imposes duties on French goods, the EU will respond in the same way,» Tusk quotes TASS.

The head of the European Council stressed that it is not the bloc that seeks a confrontation with the United States, but if Washington uses duties and confrontation for political purposes, this will pose a risk to the whole world.

Tusk also noted that trade conflicts between G7 members only reinforce existing differences within the «club.»

Tusk called for resolving such issues through dialogue and agreement. Tusk’s commentary came in response to a statement by the US president. Trump expressed dissatisfaction with the introduction of the digital tax in Paris. It, in particular, concerns large American Internet companies. The head of the White House said that the response to this step of France could be duties on French wines «in the amount that (she) had never encountered before.»

As Vesti. Economics previously wrote, according to the Politico newspaper, Brussels is actively preparing for a trade confrontation with Washington: an economic program has already been developed that envisages imposing unilateral duties on American goods, as well as supporting European producers. In particular, it is proposed the creation of the so-called European Future Fund, which will invest more than € 100 billion in the shares of promising companies, which will help them compete with the United States and China.

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